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Why Add Decorative Window Film to Your Office

Discover why many San Francisco Bay Area business owners choose ClimatePro for decorative window film.

Would you like to create a better, more engaged working environment? Decorative window film can help you to achieve both. There have been numerous studies about creating the best office and work environment. Some note the importance of allowing more natural light and increasing privacy. Others have noted that adding color to your workspace can have a positive effect on worker productivity. Decorative window film can help you do all of this and more. Let’s explore 2 reasons to add decorative window film to your office.

Discover why many San Francisco Bay Area business owners choose ClimatePro for decorative window film.

Why Use Decorative Window Film

First, let’s talk about privacy. The open office concept became very popular in the past decade. However, they haven’t proven to be popular with most office dwellers.  Studies show that office workers are more productive when privacy is considered. Decorative window film can transform offices with glass windows or partitions into more private spaces. Frosted or decorative film allows for light transmission, depending on the type used or the design applied. One of the most popular kinds of decorative window film is frosted film. We recommend the 3M Fasara library of films for this purpose. You can have frosted films in various gradients and opacities. Strips and dots are in the mix, too. If you want a subtle design that adds cool privacy, this film is for you. 

Conference rooms often have large windows. When you apply frosted 3M Fasara film, conference room windows and doors can be completely transformed.  It allows plenty of light to filter in the room while minimizing distractions from outside. Also, it looks great doing so. It amazes us how elevated a room becomes when you apply decorative film.

Discover why many San Francisco Bay Area business owners choose ClimatePro for decorative window film.

Second, decorative film enables you to customize your workspace. It’s cheaper than custom glass and allows you to bring your brand to life. Let your customers see who you are in big and bold detail. 

Our customers have used decorative window film to bring color into the workspace. Want to share an inspirational message with your coworkers? Put it on the walls and windows with decorative film. Want to create a more soothing waiting room? Add color and custom designs with decorative film. Dentists, doctors, and other medical facilities have used decorative film to calm nerves and to create a more welcoming and friendly environment.

Decorative Window Film - Unlimited Options

When you are ready to transform your workspace with decorative film, the ClimatePro team has the tools and installation experts to help you. Want to know what we can do for you? Get a free estimate here or give us a call at 707.755.7337.

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