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Window Film FAQ: How Much Does it Cost?

Window Film FAQ: How Much Does it Cost?

With more of our neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area either working or spending more time at home, creating a comfortable interior is a must. If you are working from home, your home office or workspace needs to be a productive and energizing space. The stay-at-home orders have also made us aware of areas that we’d like to improve. Of course, ClimatePro would love to think that you are looking at your windows and thinking, ‘How can I make them better’? We believe that upgrading your windows with the right window film makes good sense for homeowners.

What about those of you who own businesses? Can window film make a difference for your offices, shops, restaurants, and other workspaces? We can say without reserve yes! Window film helps you to reduce glare, enhances safety, and increases privacy. However, both homeowners and business owners usually start their window film inquiry with one question: ‘How much does it cost?’

Last year, we produced a Window Film Cost Guide. It’s one of the most read pages on our website and we wanted to highlight some of the details we shared. This is the first of a series of posts that can help you make the decision to add window film to your energy-savings and safety and security plan. The guide addresses issues with cost that both homeowners and business owners ask. 

How much does window film cost?

To answer that question directly, we offer the following details. First, a home window tinting project can cost anywhere between $750 to $5000, based on the scope of the project. What about commercial projects? Because commercial projects usually have greater scope and size than residential ones, the range is much larger. It can run from $750 to $25,000-plus per project.

What determines the overall cost of the project? Why should you invest in the best window film? What options are available for energy-saving? How does window film make your home safer? What about security window film for commercial properties? All of these questions are answered in our Window Film Cost Guide. Read it here.

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