Window Film News: California Proposition 39 & Window Film

Window Film News: California Proposition 39 & Window Film

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Did you know that California Proposition 39 now includes window film as an approved retrofit? The California Energy Commission has adopted window film as an eligible retrofit for the California proposition 39 application process. This new provision allows local educational agencies (LEA’s) to apply for funding to pay for 100% of the cost of the retrofit.

There is now a window film energy savings calculator designed by the International Window Film Association. This calculator can be used by local education agencies to determine whether a window film installation project qualifies for funding under Proposition 39 for energy efficiency upgrades to educational facilities. The calculator will help California school districts determine whether they qualify for funds up to 100 percent of installed costs for primarily K-12 facilities.

To be approved under current guidelines, a local education agency (LEA) must be able to demonstrate to the CEC that the project has both a savings-to-investment ratio (SIR) of at least 1.05 and a simple payback within the life of the project contract under the program. The Window Film Savings Calculator will determine whether a facility meets these qualifications in an easy-to-use, quick interface. The calculator can be accessed at windowfilmcalculator.com.

To learn more about California’s Proposition 39 and other facility upgrade programs, visit their website here.

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What are the benefits?

Before this provision, getting window film approved under proposition 39 was a costly and time-consuming process. Prior to this calculator, window film could only be approved under a full building energy simulation. This made it almost impossible to consider window film as a stand alone project forcing most agencies to consider as part of a whole building upgrade project which could include a number of measures.

ClimatePro is available to help local agencies to use this new window film calculator and work through the application process for these projects. In addition, we can also provide site visits and make recommendations on products and installation areas.

Window film solves energy and security issues related to glazing.

Windows  film helps with two problems for school properties.  The first is reducing excessive heat gain that causes unwanted heat, increasing energy costs from HVAC systems. The second is that glass is easily broken in the event of a forced entry or active shooter event.

Window film is a unique opportunity for California schools because window films can help with both energy savings and security. Combining window film products with the ability to reject solar heat gain and increase the strength of windows provide an all-in-one solution for California schools. These window films can be applied to almost any window and are very durable.

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