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Window Tint for San Francisco Bay Area Hospitals

Create safer hospitals with 3M Window Tint from ClimatePro.

The ClimatePro team recently installed window tint in a Marin County, CA, hospital. Hospitals and other medical and healthcare facilities are great places for window tint or window film. Fewer places have more windows than a hospital. What are some of the benefits of having window tint installed at a hospital? Facility managers should seriously consider these five reasons to add window tint to the hospitals they manage.

5 Reasons to Add Window Tint to Hospitals

Creating a welcoming and calm environment is necessary for any medical facility, especially hospitals. Hospitals can be very stressful, so anything you can do to help patients, guests, and workers feel more at ease is essential. Window tint can help you do this.

First, window tint can reduce glare and eye strain. The tint we installed at this hospital is 3M Affinity 15, and it has a darker tint, perfect for reducing glare. Glare can make it difficult for nurses and doctors to use computers, tablets, and other screens. Medical professionals need to be able to read and share digital information with ease. Window tint can make that possible. 

Second, window tint reduces harmful UV rays. This not only protects the skin of patients and medical professionals, but it also prolongs the life of hospital interiors. UV rays damage art, carpets, floorings, furniture, and textiles. This extends the life of your interior decor, saving you money. Films like 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film can achieve this benefit, too.

Another benefit of having window tint installed at hospitals is that it helps you to save money on your energy bills. For instance, 3M Affinity Window Tint is designed to increase the energy performance of your windows. By rejecting most of the sun's energy, 3M Affinity Window Tint reduces cooling costs. It can even pay for itself with energy savings in as little as three years.

What about privacy? ClimatePro installs a number of window tints that can increase daytime privacy, like 3M Privacy Mirror Film. 3M Frosted Window Films can also be used in places that require stronger privacy measures, like exam rooms, breakrooms, nurseries, conference rooms, and offices. You can even add a touch of style with decorative window films. The results can create both a private and engaging facility.

Lastly, there is the issue of safety. Adding 3M Safety Window Film to your hospital and medical office windows can help keep your patients and staff safer. Broken glass due to accidents, severe weather events, or crime can cause severe injury. Safety window film holds glass in place in cases of breakage, reducing injury and increasing safety.

3M Window Tint from ClimatePro

For over 40 years, ClimatePro has been helping Bay Area medical facilities by installing the best window tint on the market.  Let our skilled team help you today.  You can contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you get started. Or call us at 707-755-7337.

Create safer hospitals with 3M Window Tint from ClimatePro.


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