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3M Night Vision Window Film for Sonoma, CA


3M Night Vision Window Film for Sonoma, CA

Is there a benefit to using 3M Night vision window film in your Sonoma, CA home? We know that 3M Night Vision window film is a great choice business owners. What about homeowners? Many homeowners are concerned about creating a comfortable interior. This makes sense, especially since many of us are working from home. With that in mind, we think this great 3M window film is a perfect solution for Sonoma, CA homeowners. Let's discover why.

Why Homeowners Choose 3M Night Vision

As was mentioned, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes feel as comfortable as possible. This homeowner certainly did. That's why they chose 3M Night Vision window film. How does it work? For homeowners who really want to keep the sun out, 3M Night Vision window film reduces the amount of natural light that enters a room. In fact, during the day, it only allows 15% to 35% of natural light to filter in. This creates a cool and cozy space during the warmer months. It does this without creating a ton of reflection. This means that a homeowner can enjoy the view outside their living room window well into the night.

There are some clear advantages to limiting the amount of sunlight. For instance, it has a noticeable effect on your cooling cost. Rejecting up to 71% of the sun's heat helps to create incredible savings. It also adds a layer of insulation to the windows, which can help in cooler months too. Improved comfort, glare reduction, and alleviating eye strain all add up to a great benefit.

The durable film features 3M’s nano-technology, which means the film is durable and won't fade. Add to that 3M's extensive warranty and you've got a film that will look as good as it performs. Our homeowner was sure happy to have it installed in their home. It's definitely a worthwhile investment. Get more information about 3M Night Vision window film here.

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