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Working from Home: 5 Tips And Tricks for Making it Work

Working from Home: 5 Tips And Tricks for Making it Work

Are you working from home? With COVID-19 or the Coronavirus running rampant, many are finding their work routine completely upended. If you are fortunate enough to work from home, how do you do it in such a way that it is productive? Here are 5 tips for working from home. Have a tip that isn't on our list? Feel free to share it below.

Working From Home: 5 Tips for Making it Work

Create a Daily Schedule: Many have put this on the top of their list of tips and for good reason. Routines are powerful and having a set schedule makes working from home as productive as possible. While your home schedule might not be as rigid as your office hours, having your workday framed with a start and stop time can help you keep work from bleeding over into the rest of your life.

Get dressed: It's so tempting to just roll out of bed and answer those emails, but many experts suggest that having a work-from-home dress code can make you more productive. Besides, you will probably be using some form of video conferencing and dressing for the camera helps the entire team feel like they're actually working. Additionally, dressing for work can improve your sense of normalcy in these challenging times.

Walk Around: I really like this suggestion from Ugmonk founder Jeff Sheldon. The idea is to get up and walk around if you are on non-video calls. As a result, It will keep the blood flowing and help add some variety to your day. Meanwhile, you'll be getting a little bit of exercise and that's never a bad thing.

Take A Break: Scheduling breaks in your day is essential for working at home. For instance, even a 10-minute walk outside (if possible) can be beneficial. Some research indicates that a simple 10-minute walking break can improve your problem-solving skills and productivity.

Drink Water: Access to clean drinking water at work is actually required by law in some countries. It can be really beneficial to drink water throughout the day. For instance, one researcher noted that “The evidence is that being hydrated is associated with better cognition and mental performance, and helps combat tiredness and fatigue, all of which can help organizational productivity”. This is a good tip, no matter where you work.

For many of us, working from home also means creating a workspace that is safe and comfortable. ClimatePro offers security products and UVA protective window films that can help you create the perfect home office. For instance, did you know that we offer security window film? Give our team a call at 707-755-7337 and we will schedule a free consultation.

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