How to Select The Right Window Film

How to Select The Right Window Film

How to Select The Right Window Film

In this post, we will discuss how to select the right window film for your home. Home window tint is an easy investment that provides long-term benefits. Window tint helps to lower monthly energy costs and provide another layer of security. It also offers UV protection for your family and furnishings and reduces glare. Window film products could potentially be beneficial in any residence. To make sure you get the right window film for your home, we’ve provided some recommendations to keep in mind. Before getting started on your window film project, consider these recommendations to assure you find exactly what you need.

To choose the right window film for your home, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Evaluate Your Window Film Goals
  2. Compare Performance Characteristics
  3. Determine Aesthetics
  4. Request an In-Home Estimate
  5. Select the Correct Window Film
  6. Select the Best Window Tinting Professional

Evaluate Your Window Film Goals

Since each window film product has a unique benefit, you’ll need to first evaluate personal objectives and needs. This will help you to determine what product is right for you. Once you’ve identified goals, a certified dealer can help guide you through the decision process.

For consumers living in areas prone to weather-related damage, security window film might be the best option. However, a window film with UV blocking technology would be a good choice for those wanting to help protect interiors from sun fading.

How to Select The Right Window FilmCompare Performance Characteristics

Depending on your original goals, you’ll need to examine different performance qualities. Consumers wanting to apply energy-efficient window film will want to explore a spec sheet provided by the manufacturer. The higher the Visible Light Transmission (VLT), the better the efficiency. Additionally, low U-values typically yield more energy savings in colder months.

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to find a trained dealer to help you compare product performance. The more experienced the dealer, the better they can recommend suitable window film products for your home.

Determine Aesthetics

While functionality is an important factor when choosing an energy-efficient window film product, aesthetics should also be considered. Plan ahead if there is a specific characteristic that would best complement your home. This includes reflectivity, clarity, bronzing, or another shading feature.

Request In-Home Estimate

The last step before making the final decision on window film products is to compare in-home estimates. Once you’ve chosen one or two brands of film, have a trained dealer further assess the home and give you a quote for film and installation. Once you receive this quote, you can use it to determine energy savings. Additionally, online tools can help you determine estimated energy savings.

Once you have defined your goals, decided on a window tint with premium performance quality, and hired an experienced dealer, you are ready to complete the installation, and enjoy the benefits. Choosing home window tint is a simple decision that can yield energy savings. Learn how much you could save by installing energy-efficient window film.

Selecting the Correct Window Film

To simplify the window film selection process our team is trained to understand all the issues pertaining to installing a window film on certain glass and window applications. We can advise you of all the factors and risks to ensure you lessen the chances of any complications. A window film selector can also help you choose and compare window film. Use our Window Film Selector Tool here.

Selecting Your Window Tinting Professional

When narrowing down your list of installers, seek out installers who have as many of the following qualifications as possible:

  • Have been certified or otherwise honored by window film producers*
  • Needs to have a California contractor license or other licenses depending on the area.**
  • Our A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau
  • Have been in business for many years
  • Offer a warranty on product and labor
  • Are insured and bonded
  • Are rated highly on websites like Yelp, Google, and other review services.

We strongly encourage you to conduct a thorough review of window film products and/or window tinting companies before signing or agreeing to any contract or proposal.

ClimatePro – The Bay Area’s Window Film Experts

The ClimatePro team has the skill and experience to help you. For over 40 years, we’ve been helping our Bay Area neighbors find the right window film for every room of their homes. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll help you get started. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Reached us at (707) 569-9098.

*ClimatePro has been certified by 3M™ as one of their elite 3M™ Platinum” window film dealers. This means that a window tinting project from ClimatePro comes with the highest quality window film, superior application, and exceptional customer service.
**ClimatePro’s contractor license is #945054