Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?

Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?

Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?Is window tint safe for dual pane windows? This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions our team hears, so we wanted to address it. We are going to discuss what dual pane windows are. Also, we’ll share some of the concerns that home and business owners have about window tint and dual pane windows. Lastly, we’ll talk about warranties and choosing the right film.

What Are Dual Pane Windows?

Dual or multi-paned windows are designed with at least two layers of glass and feature an air-tight seal.. Often the gap between the glass is filled with gas, like argon. This design gives the window insulation properties and can reduce outside noise. 

Many dual pane windows also have a low-E or low-emissivity coating, making them even more insulating. Do you have them in your home?  Since they are required in the State of California for new window installation, many of our customers do. The big question is this: can you put window tint on them? The answer is yes!

Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?

What concerns exist with window tint and dual pane windows?

When it comes to window tint and dual pane windows, some homeowners worry there will be some issues with heat absorption also called thermal stress. Why? Incorrectly applied window film can increase the temperature between the two panes, causing potential problems such as thermal breaks or premature seal failures

Notice we said ‘incorrectly applied’. If you use a professional installation company like ClimatePro, we will be able to match you with the right film for your windows. We’ve installed window tint on thousands of dual-panes windows in the San Francisco Bay Area and rarely is there an issue. But what if there is? Can the window film warranty help? Yes, it can!

Learn more about thermal stress and windows here.

Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?

Warranties: Your Windows & Window Film

When you sign a contract with a window film installer, there are generally two things to keep in mind. 

First,  a good installer will make sure that you understand the limits of their liability. Second, even with the right film, there may be pre-existing issues with the window that are not seen. If something were to happen after the window tint is applied, generally, the manufacturer of the film has a warranty. 

For instance, 3M offers a comprehensive warranty for their window tint. This means that, if there is damage or breakage caused by the film, they will cover the replacement, up to $500 for their standard warranty and $1500 for their platinum warranty. The rest would be your responsibility. As we mentioned earlier, this is rare. But, it’s nice to know the coverage is there and we encourage our customers to utilize it in case of an incident. 

Is window tint safe for dual pane windows?

How to Choose the Right Window Tint Company

One way to ensure that your dual-paned windows get the best window tint is to work with a reputable window film installation company. This means you want a company that is licensed, has a good reputation, and has years of experience. ClimatePro ticks all those boxes. We’d love to help you cover your windows and doors with the best window tint from 3M. Read our 5-star reviews here and give us a call at (707) 569-9098 or get a free consultation here.