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Privacy Window Tint for San Francisco Homes

Frosted window tint from 3M gives this San Francisco home privacy and sunlight. Installed by ClimatePro.

Privacy window tint or window film is a must for San Francisco, CA, residents. When you live in a city with houses so close to each other, extra privacy goes a long way. That's why we recommend adding privacy window tint to your homes as soon as possible. For this savvy homeowner in San Francisco, we installed 3M Fasara window tint. This particular residential window tint is called Milky White or Milano

As you can see from the photo, having 3M Fasara Milano on the bottom half of a window gives you plenty of privacy where you need it most. This type of installation leaves the upper windows unobscured, giving you plenty of sunlight. You still get to have a clear view of lovely San Francisco. Where in your home can you put this type of frosted window tint? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Bathrooms: a private bathroom, especially when neighbors are close, is essential. Frosted window tint can be added to windows, shower glass, and shower doors.
  • Kitchens and Dining Rooms: Adding frosted glass to the lower half of windows will give you privacy while still allowing light to enter the central hub of most homes.
  • Interior doors: Any room with doors, like an office or study, where you want to create instant privacy is a candidate for frosted window tint.
  • Closets: Not everyone has windows in their closet, but if you do, put some privacy window film in there!
  • Garage Doors and Windows: Protect your privacy and your belongings from prying eyes and sun damage by adding frosted window tint.

These are just a few of the places where we've installed 3M Fasara window tint. If you are ready to bring some privacy to your home, give us a call at 707.755.7337 today. Or fill out this form here. Select 'Privacy Window Film' in the 'What product are you interested in?' dropdown.

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