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Window Tint for San Mateo, CA Homes

Find the best window tint for your San Mateo, CA home. Installed by ClimatePro. W

Finding the right window tint for your San Mateo, CA, area home need not be challenging. With a team like ClimatePro on your side, you can find the best window tint (or window film) to meet your needs. A good window tint professional will be able to understand your particular needs and then suggest the best tints for your home. 

For instance, the ClimatePro team helped this San Mateo County homeowner choose two films for their home. One film, 3M Prestige 70, was used for the gorgeous piano room you see above. A very popular film, 3M Prestige 70, is one of a series of films that offer major protection from the negative impact of the sun.

Did you know that sunshine, which we love and need, can do major damage to flooring, furnishings, and art? 3M Prestige window tint reduces the sun's impact by reducing UV rays and solar heat. You'll still get natural light, as you can see, but you'll also get lower energy costs, reduced glare, low reflectivity, and more.

Find the best window tint for your San Mateo, CA home. Installed by ClimatePro. W

What about the skylights? We installed 3M Sun Control Silver P18 window tint. Our experience shows that it's a film that works very well on skylights. Since skylights get direct sunlight, you need a film that can protect you and your home from sun damage. 3M Sun Control window tints are a great choice.

Since both films mentioned can only be installed by a trained professional, you'll need a team like ClimatePro to help you. We have over 40 years of installing window tint all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo County. Call us at 707.755.7337 or fill out the free information form here. We are ready to answer any questions you have about window tint for your home or office. 


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