3 Reasons to Choose Crimsafe for Your Oakland Home

3 Reasons to Choose Crimsafe for Your Oakland Home


The ClimatePro team has seen an uptick of interest in the best home security screen system: Crimsafe. As you can see in the images, this home in Oakland showcases what a Crimsafe installation looks like. Take a look at some of our other recent installations:

If you’re wondering what sets Crimsafe apart and why it’s generating so much interest in the San Francisco Bay Area, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the three good reasons why you should consider Crimsafe as your go-to security solution for your home or office.

Crimsafe: Unrivaled Strength and Durability

Picture this: a beautiful, warm night in Oakland, and you’re enjoying the fresh air while leaving your door open without any security concerns. Thanks to Crimsafe, this can be a reality for you. Their top-notch security screens are made with high-quality stainless steel and are custom-fit to your doors and windows.

What sets Crimsafe apart from other security screens is their mesh thickness. At an impressive 0.9 mm, the stainless steel used in Crimsafe screens is significantly thicker than other products on the market. This makes it incredibly difficult for intruders to cut through, making your home a much safer place. Plus, the screens are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, withstanding 30 years’ worth of simulated environmental exposure.

Crimsafe puts its screens through rigorous testing to demonstrate their durability, subjecting them to over 3000 hours of salt spray without showing any signs of corrosion, blistering or adhesion loss. This confidence in their product is reflected in the 10-year warranty provided by Crimsafe. The Screw-Clamp technology used in these screens ensures that they remain firmly in place, protecting against damage from impacts like kicking or blunt force attacks.

Crimsafe’s Tamper-Resistant Design

The ability of a security screen to resist tampering and prevent unauthorized access is crucial. With Crimsafe, you can rely on an uncompromising system that uses tamper-resistant screws to secure the screens firmly in place. This feature ensures that nobody can easily dismantle or bypass the protective barriers.

In addition, Crimsafe goes a step further by safeguarding these screws in a sealed chamber, making them inaccessible from the outside. This clever design ensures that even the most determined intruders will be unable to breach your security.

Crimsafe: Quick and Easy Exit System

While Crimsafe provides robust protection from external threats, it’s equally important to have a quick and easy exit strategy during emergencies. Crimsafe has thought of everything. Each screen is equipped with Crimsafe-S-Cape®, an innovative keyless exit system, that allows you to exit swiftly and effortlessly from the inside. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing you can easily evacuate in case of fire or other emergencies.

Crimsafe is more than just a security screen; it’s a comprehensive security solution that offers unmatched strength, durability, and peace of mind. With its custom-made stainless steel mesh, tamper-resistant design, and user-friendly exit system, Crimsafe stands as the ultimate choice for safeguarding your home or office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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