Crimsafe: The Best Security Screens for Benicia, CA Homes

Crimsafe: The Best Security Screens for Benicia, CA Homes

Crimsafe is the best security screen system for Benecia, CA. As you can see in the images on this post, the screens integrate nicely with the windows of this home. Crimsafe is an unparalleled security solution, and we are happy to offer it to our San Francisco Bay Area customers.  What makes Crimsafe such a good choice? Here are a few reasons.

A Compelling Choice for Benicia Homeowners

Security screens often feature strong mesh. What makes Crimsafe’s mesh different? Crimsafe has pioneered a mesh crafted from premium-grade steel, measuring 0.9mm in thickness. This revolutionary mesh is super strong.  Crimsafe is able to take forceful entry attempts with knives or blunt force. Take a look at how tough the mesh is in this video:

What about longevity? How are Crimsafe security screens made? The screens are fortified with a robust powder coating that undergoes meticulous curing in specialized ovens. Rigorously tested against three decades of environmental exposure, this coating exhibited no signs of corrosion, adhesion loss, or blistering.

ClimatePro: Your Trusted Crimsafe Experts

At ClimatePro, our seasoned team boasts extensive experience, having successfully installed Crimsafe on doors, windows, and patio enclosures. Our unwavering commitment to delivering premium products, impeccable installations, and unparalleled customer service has made us the preferred choice for homeowners in Oakland, CA. Curious about the cost of Crimsafe? Explore pricing details here. Ready for a free quote? Contact us at (707) 569-9098. 

Here are some of the Crimsafe projects we’ve completed in the San Francisco Bay Area: