ClimatePro Cares: COVID-19 Updates

ClimatePro Cares: COVID-19 Updates

ClimatePro COVID-19 Face Shields

Like everyone else in the Bay Area (and around the country), we are doing our best during these trying times. As COVID-19 continues to affect the lives of our family and friends, we’re attempting to do what we can to help. Our face shield initiative is well underway and we’ve received requests for thousands of them. The face shields are being made in conjunction with Trek Box Expeditions Systems and our goal is to make 100,000 of them.

Safety & Security During COVID-19

We’ve been carefully monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on local businesses in the Bay Area. When we see reports like this one where thieves broke into a San Francisco retail store and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise, we are reminded of how important it is to have the right security measures in place. We’ve recently added some new security systems to our product line up that we think San Francisco Bay Area shops and homeowners could benefit from.

  • Crimsafe: Crimsafe is an incredible security product.  It uses a unique Screw-Clamp™ technology that securely screws into the frame and is amazingly strong. When hit by an impact like a kick or a crowbar, Crimsafe is designed to spread the load around the whole frame, absorbing the hit back into the structure of the building. This means Crimsafe can resist enormous impacts, offering a level of safety and security that is really impressive. Coupled with our security window film, it’s another layer designed to give you peace of mind in troubles times.
  • Riot Glass Safety System: Riot Glass is nearly identical to regular glass but gives you something more. Constructed of polycarbonate sheets, Riot Glass is incredibly strong and is designed to protect your home or business from break-ins and other threats. We think you’ll be amazed at how strong it is. Take a look at the videos on our Riot Glass page and prepared to be impressed.

Working from home? Need some tips to stay productive in this new working environment? We shared a handy list of tips for making the home workspace as productive as possible. Read it here.

Looking for some fun things to do with the kids? The City of Los Altos put together quite an impressive list of activities, including watching a live feed from Monterey Bay Aquarium. We think this is a list worth checking out.

What are you doing to keep safe and sane during the COVID-19 outbreak? Let us know or drop us a comment on Instagram.