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Exterior Window Film for San Rafael, CA Homes

Can you put window film on the outside windows? The Climatepro team installed 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film on this San Rafael, CA, home.

Can you put window film on the outside of a home? Many of our San Francisco Bay Area customers have wondered if you can only put window film on the inside of a window. The answer is: yes; you can put window film on the exterior of a window. For instance, on this home in San Rafael, we installed 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film. Why would a homeowner opt for this type of window film?

Why Choose 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

Why choose exterior window film for your home? One of the main reasons to choose exterior window film is that it doesn't require the installation team to enter your home. Another reason for exterior window film is that it reflects heat and sunlight before it has a chance to enter your home. Thirdly, exterior window film is a great option for keeping artificial turf protected. Learn more about window film and artificial turf here

What about the specific film used on this home, 3M Prestige Exterior? Why should you choose it for your home? Here are some reasons:

  • Blocks up to 97% of the sun's powerful UV rays. Not only will this reduce your chances of getting skin cancer, but it will also protect your furnishing from fading. 
  • Allows high transmission of natural light from the sun to enter your house. You'll get the benefits of window film while still being able to enjoy the sun.
  • 3M Prestige Exterior window film is a low reflectivity film. This means that you don't get a high mirror effect, and it looks great from the outside. 
  • Non-metalized window film won't interfere with mobile devices nor become corroded.
  • Can become carbon negative in just 6 months after your professional installation.
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty from 3M.

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