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Sun Control Window Tint for San Anselmo Homes

The ClimatePro Team installed 3M Prestige Exterior Window Tint on this home in San Anselmo.

This curvaceous window in San Anselmo, CA, got the 3M Window Tint it deserves, thanks to the ClimatePro team. We installed 3M Prestige Exterior Window Tint on the eight panels you see in the images. The results can help you to understand why sun control window tint is such a good investment. 

In a city that spends the majority of the year bathed in sunlight, having window tint is a must. The San Francisco Bay Area has many places like San Anselmo that receive a ton of daily sunlight. When you add 3M Window Tint to your windows, you not only reduce the impact of the sun's heat, you get much more. You also get a dramatic reduction in UV rays as another benefit.

Perhaps you've seen the impact of those powerful UV rays for yourself. Have you ever lifted up a rug and discovered that the wood flooring underneath is a different color than the surrounding flooring? That's the effect that UV rays can have. It causes fading and discoloration to floors, furniture, art, and textiles. When you have films like 3M Prestige Exterior Window Tint professionally installed, you get a dramatic reduction of UV rays, up to 99.9%. This saves you money on energy costs and extends the life of your interior decor.

If you've spent any time in our Project Center, you'll notice that most of our window tint installations are on the interior. When should you consider exterior window tint? This is just one of the questions that our talented team can answer. Call us at 707.755.7337 and we'll be glad to help.

In the meantime, here are two more exterior window film projects:

The ClimatePro Team installed 3M Prestige Exterior Window Tint on this home in San Anselmo.


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