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Protect Your Richmond, CA Business With Window Tint

Protect Your Richmond, CA Business With Window Tint by ClimatePro

We recently installed 3M Prestige Exterior window tint on a business in Richmond, CA. This is an excellent example of how window tint or film can transform windows for the better. 3M Prestige Exterior window tints offer a superior layer of protection from the sun. By reducing the amount of sunlight that enters through the window, heating costs and glare are reduced. This means that you can create a more temperature-controlled environment.

Since window tint acts as a layer of insulation, you get benefits no matter the outside temperature. The reduced glare that window tint provides helps to create a better workspace with less eye strain and squinting. What about security? Does window tint make your windows more secure? Yes, it does. By strengthening your glass, window tint holds it in place in case of breakage. This means window tint can help to reduce injury from broken glass fragments.

There are many benefits from having exterior window tint or film professionally installed. The ClimatePro team is ready to help you to choose the best film for your home or office. Call us at 707.755.7337 or get started by filling out our free estimate form here. Have questions about window tint that controls the sun? Get your answers here.

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Protect Your Richmond, CA Business With Window Tint by ClimatePro

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