What are the Primary Uses of Window Films?

What are the Primary Uses of Window Films?

Discover the many ways you can use window film in your home from ClimatePro.What are the primary uses of window film? Before we can answer that question, let’s answer this one: what is window film?  Window film or window tint is a layer of polyester that is applied to glass. It can be put on the interior or exterior of glass windows and doors. What are the common uses for window film? Here are 5 uses for window film in homes. (While we do install window film on businesses, we don’t work on cars, but we can point you to those who do.)

Discover the many ways you can use window film in your home from ClimatePro.

Control The Sun with Window Film

One of the primary reasons that people use window film is to control the effects of the sun. Direct sunlight is essential to life, but it can create some issues for homeowners. Sunlight can fade furnishings, create hotspots, and increase the cost of cooling your home. Window film helps you to minimize the effects of sunlight.

Sun control window film is designed to reduce the amount of heat that moves through your windows. It also filters out harmful UV rays, reducing fading on furnishings. Window film helps to lower your heating costs, saving you money.

Another benefit of window film is the reduction of glare. Sun glare makes it challenging to read text or watch videos on your phones, tablets, and televisions. By reducing the amount of direct sunlight, window films reduce glare. This makes the act of reading and watching videos so much easier. Want to see some homes that have benefited from sun control window film? Try these:

Discover the many ways you can use window film in your home from ClimatePro.Better Security and Privacy with Window Film

Everyone wants a more secure home. Window film can help you create it. Security and safety window films are tougher than regular films. They can make your windows much stronger. These specialty films hold the glass in place in the event of an attempted burglary, severe weather event, or accident. Besides the safety features, these films also provide many of the benefits of window film: UV protection, heat reduction, and less glare.

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What about privacy? If you are looking for more privacy, window film can definitely help. Privacy window film comes in different styles. There are films like one-way mirror film that give you excellent privacy during the day. Other films, like frosted window films, can give you great amounts of sunlight while keeping prying eyes from peering in.  It works really well on garage windows. Here are some of the films that we recommend for security and privacy:

Discover the many ways you can use window film in your home from ClimatePro.

Get Creative with Window Film

If you want to add a layer of style while getting the other benefits of window film, look no more. Decorative window films have been used in homes with great success. We’ve installed custom frosted films in bathrooms and kitchens. Looking for stripes, dots, and more? You can do that, too!

This is just a glimpse into what window film can do for your home. There are many options, so you’ll need a professional to help you find the right film for your home. That’s where ClimatePro comes in. Let our team help you today. Call us at (707) 569-9098 or use this form to get a free estimate.