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How Much Does Commercial Window Tint Cost?

Commercial window tint is a great investment. 3M Window Tint installed by ClimatePro.Adding window tint to your office windows and glass doors is something that we highly recommend. Window tint offers a wealth of benefits for business owners. Whether you are a small business or run a sizable business, window tint can help you to create a safer and more energy-efficient workplace

Naturally, questions about cost often arise when discussing window tint or window film. How much does commercial window tinting cost? What factors contribute to the cost of window tinting? Here are two factors that determine how much window tint costs for your business. You can learn much more about cost by exploring our Window Tint Cost Guide. But for now, here are the two factors to consider:

  • What type of window tint are you having installed?
  • Where is the window tint being installed?

Commercial window tint is a great investment. 3M Window Tint installed by ClimatePro.Types of Window Tint

Each window tinting job is different. The cost of your window tint installation can be affected by the type of window tint you choose. For instance, there are films that offer greater privacy or security. Decorative window tint may cost more, especially if it is customized.

Before you begin your window tint journey, it’s important to first determine your needs. What do you want window tint to accomplish? Less heat and glare? More secure windows? A reduction in heat and energy loss? More privacy? There are films that can check off more than one of your needs, but this can affect the overall cost. 

Commercial window tint is a great investment. 3M Window Tint installed by ClimatePro.Where Do You Want Window Film?

Not only are there different types of window tint, but there are also different ways to use it. Where do you want to have window tint installed at your business? Here are some popular places where window tint can be installed. Click on the links to see examples:

As you can imagine, each location may require different kinds and amounts of window tint. The type of window tint and the amount needed to cover the project will cause prices to vary. 

Another factor that can affect the cost is the actual location of the installation. If scaffolding or ladders are needed, this too can affect the overall cost.

Commercial window tint is a great investment. 3M Window Tint installed by ClimatePro.Choosing the Right Window Tint Installers

While cost is important, you will also want to ensure that you have the right window tint partner. Commercial customers have unique needs. Business owners need a window tint installation company with a wealth of experience and a great catalog of films to choose from.

ClimatePro has over 40 years of experience working with businesses, both large and small. We showcase a comprehensive catalog of 3M Window Tint. Our team can help you to find the right window tint for your business. Call us at 707.755.7337 or get started online with our free estimate form here.

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